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Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills (TAELLN411)

Monday, May 26, 2014


TAELLN411 supersedes and is equivalent to TAELLN401A. Either way, if you currently hold the TAE or TAA qualifications, and are training and/or assessing (or want to keep your qualifications current) you need to hold an LLN unit.

We discovered at ATS, in the mapping from one to the other, that there were in fact gaps in the assessment requirements, and thus made a number of modifications to our training and assessment. It should be noted that these were fairly minor changes, but required all the same.

Our course developers, Julie and Peta, have extensive LLN backgrounds and have developed an interactive and engaging workshop that has been receiving great feedback. From the surveys the trainers have received the below comments in response to the question 'What were the BEST ASPECTS of the training?'

  • Trainer knowledge
  • A good mix of videos, ppt presentations, theory and practical activities and assessment in class
  • Person to person all trainees participated in the training experience
  • The best aspects I received from the training is the experienced knowledge and skills on how to handle any situation with LLN person

The focus of our workshop is on resourcing trainers and assessors with practical and user-friendly resources, providing significant information about relevant support options and services, and showing trainers and assessors how to best use the Australian Core Skills Framework.

Give Peta or Julie a call if you have any further enquiries about the program on (07) 4978 0889.

About Dave Sullivan and ATS

Dave Sullivan founded Active Training Specialists in 2008 (National Provider Number 32086). Over the last 10 years Dave and his team have worked tirelessly to build a strong reputation for quality, outcome focused training solutions for the general public and various industries and sites locally and regionally. Dave holds a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and various tertiary qualifications in Business, Management, Quality, Logistics, Security and Risk Management. 

Peta Hill, the Training and Development Manager is also highly qualified with over 20 years in the VET sector.

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