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What Is The VET Industry?

Monday, September 17, 2012

The certificate IV in training and assessment offered at Active Training primarily prepares people for work in the vocational education and training industry (VET). The Vet industry is highly popular in Australia and makes for a solid career option to those professionals wanting a fulfilling and challenging job. In essence the primary aim of those working in the VET industry is to teach skills and knowledge that will be immediately applicable to people in the workplace. Undertaking the certificate IV teaches you the best way to construct ways of teaching and adapt them to your industry. In Australia the VET industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments and it’s important to receive the necessary training before undertaking or applying for work in the field, this training must be undertaken by registered educators like us.

At the core of the VET industry is the Certificate IV which in 2010 underwent drastic changes and is now a much more fluid and comprehensive course. The great thing about the certificate IV is that it is recognised nationally so no matter what state you undertake the course in the qualification will be transferable if you decide to move on. The multi-faceted module approach and the option to choose from a range of electives means that you will be able to build up a qualification that directly correlates with your career interests and aspirations.

In order to work in the VET industry it’s important that you have practical training in the workplace. Our certificate IV course ensures that you receive the proper training to become an active member of the VET industry. As a field that’s continually growing and shifting, our course represents the latest in industry training. As a 5 day intensive course it’s a lot to learn however when coupled with existing knowledge it becomes very achievable. If you’re looking for a rewarding career change or to advance your standing in your current workplace, look no further than the certificate IV and a future in the VET industry.

About Dave Sullivan and ATS

Dave Sullivan founded ATS in 2008. National Provider Number 32086.

Dave holds a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and various tertiary qualifications in Business, Management, Quality, Logistics, Security and Risk Management.


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